Posted by: Stephlechef | January 1, 2013

Christmas dessert part 2 – raspberry meringue pie

So, it turns out my mum thought my beautiful opera cake was too rich. There is always one. So on boxing day I made an alternative dessert. (Also, I got a foodieperson blowtorch for Xmas, and really wanted to try it out on something!) Probably good, as we had a beef wellington from Sainsbury’s which was incredible… but ever so filling! This is a little lighter and less effort on the stomach. Plus, I made them teensy.

raspberry meringue 2

I made a basic shortcrust pastry recipe, and blind baked the pastry shells until completely cooked. Then I made this raspberry curd recipe here: (but I made a half batch, which was plenty for 12 little tarts) and filled each case with a spoonful of curd. I then made a meringue which was ok, but not worth sharing (experimenting)… but I suggest making something like this Swiss meringue as the eggs in this are pretty much cooked once you’ve finished whisking, and you can afford to just blowtorch away. Which is exactly what I did. Go!

raspberry meringue


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