Posted by: Stephlechef | December 18, 2012

Raymond Blanc’s Onion Tart

So, the big news of a couple of months ago (yes, yes, I have been very busy), was that I found a baking club to go to where I live! Yay! I was a bit nervous to just jolly on down on my own and get involved, but I’m very glad I did. Each month there is a theme, and you bring some sort of baked good based on that theme – and then eat it, and try everyone else’s too! Here is the club’s blog – have a read, it’s great

The first month’s theme was birthday parties, as it was the club’s first anniversary. I (very wisely, as it turns out) decided to avoid making birthday cake, and stick with something savoury (met with delight, as I was the only one who hadn’t involved sugar…). Anyway, I made an onion tart. I figured quiche was pushing it on the birthday theme, but we definitely used to have quiche at family buffets, and didn’t want to plump for sausage rolls, so nerr 🙂

This tart is lovely. There is something so heavenly about the combination of creme fraiche, bacon and onions. (As an aside, I also use the filling for this quiche with pasta as a sort of stodgy pasta sauce. Lush) I realise it looks a bit sad in the photo. You can’t really prettify a quiche. (All credit to whoever took the photo at Cake and Bake club, as I did not)


The recipe is taken straight from here If you haven’t seen the tv show, try and catch it on a repeat, Raymond Blanc is utterly endearing, so enthusiastic and takes the snobby sheen away from the idea of TV chefs. It’s great.



  1. “so nerr”

    • what’s wrong with so nerr??? 🙂

  2. Wow, this is, ummmm…..special! IYou should make one of these and bring them in to spanish lesson. Do it!

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