Posted by: Stephlechef | December 18, 2012

Gingerbread cheesecake

Month two of baking club, and the theme was… Christmas! We did a secret santa thing, where people had to submit a word to do with Christmas, and then we were assigned someone else’s word to bake something on that theme! I suggested mulled wine, and the word I was given was… gingerbread. I was not the happiest, because I’d been hoping for something creative, and I felt like gingerbread was dictating what I should make… but then I looked around recipes online and found this: Yay! Fitted the theme but wasn’t a house! Goodie! (Unfortunately, someone else also brought in a ginger cheesecake under the theme “ginger”, but theirs was a lovely creamy version, so I figure they were different enough to be acceptable)




I love the little gingerbread men I found on Amazon for the top, they are so cute. The cheesecake wasn’t the greatest, texture-wise – due to oven-y conflicts (someone in my house cooking their dinner, how unreasonable :)), I wasn’t able to switch the oven off and leave it, as the recipe said, but it wasn’t nearly cooked enough to take it out, so I had to have it in the oven at least half an hour longer than it should have been. Add this to the fact that I didn’t have foil to make the strange baking contraption described in the original, and so balanced my cheesecake over a bowl of water, probably explains what went wrong. In conclusion, for cooking instructions, follow the link, but I did add a little more treacle and sugar and spices to my cheesecake mixture, and the flavour was definitely believable as gingerbread! For the base, I used leftover useless gingersnap crumbs (see previous blog for biscuitty failure), and gingernuts as a second layer. I didn’t bother making my own gingerbread just to smoosh it up.


Now to decide what to bake for January’s “healthy bakes” theme…


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