Posted by: Stephlechef | November 24, 2012

Chocolate mint crackle cookies

I am a terrible blogger. I really am a little bit sorry.

This post is about chocolate mint crackle cookies, which are fun to eat and fun to say! (if you can tell me who I am thinking of who says that in some TV show or film, I will give you… something nice. Because I can hear it in my head, but my head won’t tell me the answer).

I am horribly ill. These biscuits are probably riddled with cough germs. I never knew how much I sang during the course of a day until suddenly I couldn’t do it anymore (I haven’t had some horrific accident and tragically lost my talent, I have lost my voice, and everyone other than me is probably fairly pleased about it…)

Anyway, you, my two dear readers, don’t have to eat them, you can just appreciate the mediocre photography and then make your own 🙂

They are taken straight out of this Martha Stewart recipe, so I won’t bother typing it out here. Advice:

– when it says space them out, take heed. Some of mine did that terribly sad merging together thing that claustrophobic cookies are wont to do.

– you kind of have to re-do the icing sugar on some of them before you bake them – because you use your hand to roll them, they get a bit melty again, and then the icing sugar starts to dissolve. To properly get nicely defined crackles, it needs to be a good layer of icing sugar (otherwise they get that slightly dirty-snow look about them [see bottom right of the photo above]).

– when it says chill for 3 hours, don’t listen. Put it in the freezer and it only takes an hour or so. Much quicker cookies = much happier days.

– when it says bake them for 15 minutes, do them for a bit longer. Mine are a bit too soft.


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