Posted by: Stephlechef | October 23, 2012

Viennese whirls

Mini-celebration again, blog has passed 6,000 views. My two readers must have been very busy. (But seriously, eep!)


This are so incredibly satisfying to make. (Mostly because they involve piping but are easy)… I just followed the recipe straight from BBC Food, here

They really do taste like Mr Kipling ones, which also makes them seem genuinely Viennese-y and not just any old biscuit, they really are lush.

A couple of bits of advice:

They cook quickly and change VERY fast – browning them makes a big difference to the taste -so either rotate them around the oven OR take them out at different times. Don’t be tempted to wait until they’re firm, they will harden up when they come out.

When it says pipe “rosettes”, use a big piping hole, hold it down near the tray and let a big squidge out (this gives a nice flat piped biscuit with clean sides), then lift it slightly while still piping to get the peak on top.

Don’t be tempted to “squidge” the buttercream – the ones on BBC Food look nice all big, but I wanted them a bit flatter – the biscuits are too delicate and you end up breaking some!



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