Posted by: Stephlechef | October 19, 2012


That’s right, I am actually from the seventies. Or whenever battenburg was in fash. Anyway it’s delicious and a nice little construction challenge too. With cake as the bricks and jam as the stuff in between bricks… not grout… erm… cement? Anyway. This feels more than pathetic considering the Great British Bake Off has just finished (unexpected winner or what??!) and this doesn’t even come close to rivalling some of the magical things they make – but I am going to blame that on a lack of time, and a very grotty kitchen. Nerr.

It isn’t exactly as square as it could have been. This is because I decided the amount of cake was more important than its prettiness, so I didn’t chop any off. It also has very thick icing. This is because I didn’t have my rolling pin with me and used a jar of mayonnaise instead. Yep.

So to make it, I made up a normal 3-egg batch of victoria sponge mix, then dyed half of it very bright pink. I baked them one after the other in a loaf tin, then once they had cooled sliced them in half and matched up the different sides (this is where I should have trimmed it nice and flat)… then squidge the whole lot together with apricot jam/glaze (if you warm it up it is easier to spread… mhm). Then roll out the marzipan (I used a whole pack but then it was a bit thick), and measure it up to the right size with the cake. Then cover the marzipan in apricot jam, lay the cake over it and wrap it up! Then trim the crappy end bits of the cakes (that’s your bit) and sprinkle a bit of caster sugar over. DONE!



  1. ;Nice to see “le chef” back in action. 🙂

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