Posted by: Stephlechef | August 7, 2012

Barbecue pt 5 – Pimm’s ice lollies!

So many people (mostly American) at the hotel where I work ask me what Pimm’s is. It’s so hard to explain. So here’s Wikipedia’s. Anyway it’s delicious, and also makes fun grown-up ice-lollies too.

Make up some fruit to put in them – strawberries, cucumber and the like (and mint if you’ve got it), and then make up the Pimm’s and lemonade to taste (although I would say make it a little bit stronger to how you like to drink it, so that the Pimm’s-y taste doesn’t disappear!) And then plonk it all in an ice lolly maker (do not overfill!!!) and freeze 🙂


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