Posted by: Stephlechef | August 5, 2012

Barbecue pt 3 – Salsa!

Homemade salsa does NOT taste like shop bought salsa. It is, however, fresher and nicer in its own way 🙂 I think it does need a fresh coriander-y taste, but I didn’t have any 🙂

Fresh salsa


Onion (which, again, I fried off because of the whole anti raw-onion thing)

Red chilli (as much as you can handle, I used half a chilli without seeds for this little ramekin full :))

I simply chopped up all the veggies and mixed them all together, seasoned with some salt and pepper and added a dash of lime juice, then to make it more sauce-y, mixed a spoonful of tomato puree with a spoonful of water, and stir that in too, then scoop it up with tortilla chips or similar and eat it 🙂


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