Posted by: Stephlechef | July 28, 2012

White chocolate pot

These are lush. Even if I do say so myself. The chocolate “mousse” comes from a Lorraine Pascale recipe (although way less than the original amount, her portion sizes seem to be rather more inflated than I’d expect from an ex-model), but hers went with stem ginger and syrup. Didn’t much like the sound of that so I made strawberry jelly instead 🙂

White chocolate pot (this really isn’t airy at all, so not a mousse)

(This made 4 dinky desserts, adapted from Lorraine Pascale)

One big spoonful creme fraiche (I normally buy low fat but this was full-fat, so I don’t know how set-ty it will be otherwise)

75ml double cream

100g white chocolate (I used value, it tastes fine)

Beat the cream until thickened and stir in the creme fraiche.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (GENTLY cause it can burn very easily! Do like 15 seconds at a time and stir to see if it’s done)

Leave it to cool for a second, then mix in the creme fraiche mixture a small spoonful at a time (to stop it messing up the smoothy chocolate)

Plop into glasses, level and leave to sit for a bit while you make the jelly!

Strawberry jelly

I don’t know how well this would go down on its own, it might not be sweet enough, but it works beautifully as a topper to this chocolate thingy 🙂 It was also a bit of a gelatine experiment, so I’m not entirely sure of amounts)

I used 3 large strawberries and sliced them up, and put them in a pan with some sugar and a splash of water, and cooked it until the strawberries had completely collapsed, then squashed them up a bit. Then I dissolved about a teaspoon of gelatine in half an espresso cup of hot water (always pour the gelatine ONTO the water, my packet reliably informs me), stirred it in then poured that into the strawberry mixture. Left it to cool for a bit then laid it on the top of the white chocolate. Then plonked it all in the fridge to set 🙂


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