Posted by: Stephlechef | July 5, 2012

Party food!

I love mini food. Anything that requires picking and nibbling like a mouse, I’m in 🙂 Plus, it’s cute. So party food/mezze/tapas is very often on the menu when I have time to cook it (currently writing this surrounded by a lot of little dishes and the remnants of falafel and all the trimmings…)

So here we have – I guess you could call it a croustade type thing (roll out some bread till it’s thin, cut out a shape, press it into a muffin tin, brush it with oil and bake), one topped with creme fraiche and (homemade, see my recipe!) sun-dried tomatoes, and the other topped with spinach, green pesto and toasted pine nuts (this needs something else, pesto is strong)… then ham and soft cheese wraps (spread it on, roll them up and cut diagonally and seal with a cocktail stick)… and tuna empanadas, which are like dinky pasties, often a snack of choice when I lived in Madrid. For these, I chopped up a little bit of onion and garlic, mashed it up with the tuna and some herbs and seasoning… then plonked it in the middle of circles of rough puff pastry, and sealed up into a semi circle using milk… then brushed it with more milk, laid it on a tray and baked until they were all goldeny 🙂 And that’s all! I think on this day we also had little pizza pinwheels, but they looked shocking 🙂


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