Posted by: Stephlechef | July 4, 2012

Rainbow cake!

Disclaimer: This is not a very good rainbow cake. Just google the words ‘rainbow’ and ‘cake’ and you will see many which are much better. But here’s my first attempt.

I don’t know how you get that lovely white icing people seem to be able to make… butter is yellow so I don’t know how to get it white?! (Edit – maybe cream cheese? Thanks Charlotte :)) Also, I don’t know how to not let the cake go brown on the edges while it cooks. Also, it seems like you’d have to use such a lot of food colouring to make the colours vivid enough to look properly rainbow-y – but I certainly did find that the amount of food colouring we added to the cake really made it moist and nice 🙂 So all in all not a very informative post at all… I can’t be helpful all the time! I’ll maybe update this post when I make a better one……….



  1. Looks like a very tasty cake to me 🙂

    I use gel food colouring which is really vibrant and you only need a tiny bit.

    I’ve not tried it but I’ve been told you can make white buttercream with Trax and vanilla essence. I personally like the yellow of buttercream though.

  2. I think when people make this cake they bake each layer slightly bigger than required and then cut the top browned layer off xx

    • That makes sense!

      • Oh yeah for sure, I’m certainly not one for wasting cake!! I’ve not attempted one of these myself yet. Love looking through your blog. Although I’m on weight watchers atm so it’s all very torturous seeing all the scrumminess!!

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