Posted by: Stephlechef | January 2, 2012

Lemon mousse gateau

… not very festive I know, but in my opinion more suited to a tummy full of turkey and sausages and bacon and veg and potatoes (phew) than a horrible heavy Christmas pudding will ever be. I shook things up a little bit this Christmas day, after suggesting that we eat Christmas dinner at, well, dinner time, to avoid the horrible heavy afternoon-of-Christmas-day-because-I’ve-eaten-too-much-for-lunch thing, and have canapes and lighter things for lunch. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt better. So, this gateau was eaten veeery late, about 9pm… which was probably a good thing. Because I made the mousse at 11am, and by 5pm it was still not set. Sooooo… I put it in the freezer. I think the problem was my use of gelatine… anyway the recipe was Sophie Dahl’s from BBC Food if you’re interested, but as I say I don’t recommend it as it stands, also it was one of my least favourite kinds of recipes- it uses hundreds of bowls. Now I am an over-user of bowls and cutlery by default- I’m the person that stirs the soup with a spoon, licks it, puts it in the sink and then gets a new spoon out 5 minutes later. But this recipe just makes all that worse. And here it is!!

But just as a hint, a way to save a [raw egg] mousse which has not set (as I didn’t find anything helpful on the net to save the batch I didn’t freeze)- you need to cook it. Put it in a pan, over a very gentle heat, and stir slowly until it’s warm all the way through, and leave it until it looks like thickening up. Sieve it to make sure there’s no bits of scrambled egg in it, and leave to set again. And it should work! It does change the texture of the mousse (because it cooks the egg!), but I figure it’s better to have at least of vague resemblance of a set lemon-flavoured dessert, rather than a lemon milkshake!!! Or put it in the freezer 🙂

I made a basic vanilla sponge for the base, pressed flat (well, the second one was pressed flat. The first cake I made, I decided to press flat on a wire rack. Bad plan, Stephanie.) Then I sprinkled it with a bit of booze… limoncello would have been perfect but in the absence of that as my boozy family had finished it, I used triple sec. Then a layer of lemon curd, which should have been thicker and unfortunately froze harder than the mousse did, and then mousse over the top.

I decorated the gateau with a piped chocolate star (draw a template, lay some greaseproof paper over the top, and pipe the chocolate fairly thick in the pattern you want :)), a mini meringue and some (admittedly very expensive, but it’s Christmas) gold glitter stars. Yay!


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