Posted by: Stephlechef | December 26, 2011

Le Puy salad!

On one of my first days (or, what I remember as my first proper day) in Le Puy, we went to this fab little saladerie called Le Croco, which looks something like this…


Isn’t it adorable? And you even used to get little crocodile sweets with the bill. Won me over! Anyway so I had this lovely salad pretty much without fail everytime I went, which is lush and also gets to show off Le Puy’s most famous export – Puy lentils!!!

It’s a lovely light salad, but also a bit festive-ly special, what with the blue cheese and the smoked salmon, so I thought boxing day would be the perfect day to give you an idea for something a little lighter, but still Christmas-sy special that you won’t feel at all guilty about eating 🙂

To make this salad, you will need:

Cooked Puy lentils (you can buy them ready-cooked in jars, which is way easier, but don’t get the ones with sauce on for this recipe)

Hard-boiled eggs


Smoked salmon (or, if you use smoked trout, that’s a bit more Haute-Loire authentic, as they live nowhere near any seas but conveniently near a river :))

Blue cheese – nothing which whacks you in the mouth, a more subtle blue cheese is best – in the original, it’s bleu d’auvergne, which you can buy in Sainsburys – and again, it’s authentic!)

Vinaigrette dressing

A mix of salad leaves

Lay the salad leaves in a big pasta bowl, and top with slices of smoked salmon. Then sprinkle over a big spoonful or two of lentils, some cheese broken/chopped into small pieces, and then add the quarters of boiled egg and quarters of tomato on the side. Drizzle the whole lot with vinaigrette and dig in! Serve with some lovely crusty bread and an ice-cold beer. Wait, did I say beer? I know it’s a bit nippy for that, but just do it anyway kaaay?


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