Posted by: Stephlechef | December 24, 2011

M&S Petite Pâtisserie

Just a pretty pic for this bloggy… on my birthday I had lunch with the rents, we had some lovely warm gruyere and leek/tomato and camembert tarts from M&S, and I also got these lovely cute cream cakes for my birthday cake 🙂

These can be found in the chiller cabinet (even in the little food section in the local and fairly useless M&S), and cost £3.99 for 10 pieces. You get 4 mini chocolate choux buns, 4 palmiers with jam and cream, and 2 mini doughnuts with jam and cream, and they come in 2 layers of very well-constructed trays so you can’t squish them!

The mini choux buns were lovely, the palmiers nice but a little difficult to eat- as the pastry part of the cake is pretty hard, the cream squidges out the other side when you bite in… but that’s half the fun! The mini doughnuts were… doughnuts. But not bad 🙂 Overall a nice mix of posh little cakes, but nothing uber-special.


Oh, and as this is my last post before Christmas, Merry Christmas!!


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