Posted by: Stephlechef | December 22, 2011

Lemon curd

A little bit of sunshine and a last minute gift idea for you now, you still have time to make this and even find jars for it, so if someone is in need of a supplementary present, get curding!! (New word I have just invented – to curd, meaning the process of making luscious lemony treats.)  Give someone a jar of this stuff with a packet of nice shortbread and you are on to a winner. Unless they don’t like lemons. In which case, they are picky and you should have organised their present in October 🙂

I take no credit for this recipe, it’s taken completely from here: The only few hints I do have are:

– While mine was cooking, bits of cooked egg white started showing up in the mixture. To get rid of these, and the larger bits of lemon zest as I do not have a very fine grater/any type of zester, I sieved the mixture into another bowl right before the end, then finished it off without horrible bits in 🙂

– It doesn’t say anything about sterilising jars in the article, I don’t think- but I’m pretty sure this is necessary if you want to keep the lemon curd for a couple of weeks, as it says you can. After cleaning and drying the jars, put them and the lids in the oven at about 140c for about half an hour, and pour the curd into them (note- if you’re using a jug to pour the curd into the jars, sterilise that too!) while they’re still fairly hot. Another handy hint – put the jars on a TRAY in the oven. Otherwise you end up with some very hot jars which are hard to get out of the oven 🙂

– I was worried my curd hadn’t thickened enough (I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be fairly solid) when I’d finished cooking it, however after a few hours in the fridge (where it went while it was still a little warm- not something I’d recommend but I had to go out!) it was nice and firm. So don’t panic or throw it away- wait and see, then have a strop 🙂

– I am planning on making a lemon mousse gateau thing over Christmas with this curd as a kind of zingy middle layer, so you pretty much have to make it anyway 🙂




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