Posted by: Stephlechef | December 20, 2011

Coconut ice

This weekend my kitchen exploded. No, not a gas leak. Not an accidental pan fire (thank goodness), but a massive mess in the kitchen that was entirely my fault. Because this weekend was the weekend for cooking christmas present sweeties. It seems a bit silly to be writing this now, as the people who are (un)lucky enough to receive bags of these sweets may read the blog before they get the sweets… but a recipe for home-made Christmas presents post Christmas will be no good to anyone… so here you go. You still have plenty of time to make these for someone if you are short of Crimbo pressies, because they don’t even need cooking, so get on it!!

Coconut ice

(Makes about 50 small squares, total cost £2.10, cost per piece 4p)

250g condensed milk

250g icing sugar

200g dessicated coconut

pink food colouring (optional, use it if you want the two-tone look)

Pour the milk into the sugar and coconut and mix it all together to form a very thick mixture. If you want it half pink, separate half off and put some pink food colouring in and knead it in.

To shape it, I find the best way is to lay it on some greaseproof paper and push/roll the dough out to a rough rectangle shape. It’s pretty pliable and easy to work with, but if you find it’s a little too sticky put icing sugar on the rolling pin/your hands.

Then, separately, shape the other half of the mix in the same way, then use the greaseproof paper to lift it and plonk it on top of the other one! Press down a little so they stick together all over, then leave in the fridge to firm up (it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, but it helps to have it extra firm before you cut it.

Using a sharp knife, cut the big rectangle into lots of little squares (The greaseproof paper should peel off easily). Put back in the fridge to harden up the sides a little, then remove from the fridge and store in a box… or in a pretty gift bag like this one 🙂

I bought these lovely “block bottom cellophane bags” (after much searching this is the term that got me what I wanted) on ebay, they were £2.99 for 20, but you could just as easily pop them into some clear sandwich bags and tie them up with some ribbon. I then put the small bags of sweets (everyone got 2) into a larger bag, which looks like this:

And these were just coloured party bags bought from Amazon, with some paper decorations stuck on. Lovely pressies, dead cheap. Winner!



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