Posted by: Stephlechef | November 23, 2011

Review- Sainsbury’s Mince Pie Ice-cream

So, I decided to do review-y things, firstly because I hope it will be useful and secondly because I don’t seem to have done so much cooking this week!!

I really wanted to try this ice-cream from Sainsbury’s after seeing it on TV (Jamie Oliver, unsurprisingly, in the advert- not long to go now, Jamie!) but decided it would probably taste much the same as eating a mince pie and ice-cream… however when my dad coerced me into buying some while it was on offer, and then paid for it, how could I say no?! (Also, I wasn’t going to eat Christmas food until December, but I broke that with a mince/cranberry pie in Morrison’s cafe last week, so it’s Xmas a-go-go!)

(photo taken from Sainsbury’s product page, here

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mince Pie Ice-cream

Rating: 6/10

Price: £3.39 per 500ml pot, or 2 for £5 (this is not a particularly time-limited offer, online it says available until August, by which time Christmas 2012 goodies will be rolling around!)

The ice-cream itself is lovely, it says it’s made from Jersey cows (well, their milk, harhar) which I imagine gives it the really creamy, lovely flavour- it’s the kind of ice-cream that doesn’t really need any flavouring in it. But then it wouldn’t be a mince pie ice-cream! The filling was surprisingly mince pie-like, they claim that the pastry is made in the same place as they make their actual pies, and I could definitely taste similarities with the lovely buttery pastry they have. Fruit wise, it was a little bit disappointing, there just wasn’t that much of it, and what there was was a little skin-ny- I think as the raisins were cold they had gone a little bit gritty and so they were a bit of a funny texture. A couple of the elements from a mince pie which I think were lacking was the taste of any other spices or fruits- maybe cherries or something, and the fact that the best mince pies are absolutely laced with alcohol!! This might have made it a bit rum-and-raisin-y, but it would have evoked more of a Christmassy taste. One thing which was really good was being able to eat something supermarket-bought which didn’t have a horrible over-riding sweetness or the taste of flavourings (and a glance at the ingredients shows it to be pretty respectable too, nothing that looks like it belongs in a lab!). It says it’s 262 calories per 1/4 pot, but neither Will nor I had that much, it’s pretty satisfying from just a scoop 🙂

Overall, it’s good, a nice change but won’t be a regular in my freezer. You could manage the same by mashing up a fairly decent mince pie and mushing it into some fairly decent vanilla ice-cream!! I suppose that is the idea though. A little expensive when not on offer, which pulls the rating from a 7.


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