Posted by: Stephlechef | November 20, 2011

Homemade tortilla chips

Nice long autumnal Sunday walk, and an inspired chip-n-dip snack while the roast cooks up!

I watched a thing with Jamie Oliver the other day, where he pan-heated strips of pastry with cinnamon on to serve with a “fool”. So I was thinking about this, and needing a snack, so decided to try it with the leftover wrap from Friday’s fajitas. This progressed to me realising that nothing is going to happen to a wrap in a dry pan… so I plonked some oil in. I imagine these would be a lot healthier if you brushed them with oil and baked them, then you could cook the spices a little too, but that just sounds like faff when you can whip up these babies in next to no time 🙂

Homemade tortilla chips

I imagine if you used corn tortillas instead of flour ones, it would taste a lot more like proper tortilla chips, just by the way.

Cost: 1 pack of large flour tortillas costs about £1. (Oh, by the way, handy hint if you’re ever making fajitas/enchiladas etc- the supermarkets keep wraps in 2 places, one lot is with the “foreign food” bit, the Old el Paso/Discovery ranges, fajita sauce etc. And the other is in the bakery section. And these are more for sandwiches, but if you are not a Mexican food nazi, the bakery ones are much bigger and much cheaper. So get those.) Right, so, £1 a pack, I would say one wrap per person, simply because they are horrendously more-ish. So 12.5p per portion plus dips 🙂 (which I’m sure you’ve already got in the fridge- salsa, creme fraiche, mayo, ketchup, Reggae Reggae sauce…………….)


So all you need to do is heat a few tablespoons of oil (proper oil, not fake 1cal stuff. It has its place, but that place is not here) in a large frying pan and while it’s heating up, cut a tortilla into chip-sized triangles (I cut it into 3 strips and then did a sort of zig-zag)

Place a few pieces at a time into the oil, flipping when they’re golden (be careful with the heat, they can burn quick) and take out and lay on kitchen paper to dry off the oil a little.

Then when you’ve done the whole lot, plonk them in a bag (use the tortilla bag, why not?!) and pour in a little salt and pepper and some paprika/cumin/chilli, whatever rocks your socks… and give it a good shake like those old school salt and shake crisps. Pour into a bowl and tuck in 🙂

Update: by the way, the second batch I made of these lasted a little longer (they provided the photo- the first batch didn’t even make it out of the kitchen), and I found they went a little bit chewy after about 20 minutes. So perhaps make sure they are completely cool and crisped up before salting and serving. Just a tip.


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