Posted by: Stephlechef | November 16, 2011

Camembert salad

Aka, how to use up leftovers.

I’m having one of those “let’s eat everything in the freezer before we fill it up again with (Christmas) food” weeks. Which means slamming together some freezer-iffic combos. Now, we bought these rather lurid breaded camembert in Lidl a while ago, and I’ve been kind of at a loss what to do with them. They just come with a sachet of some sort of cranberry-sauce-esque jam, and that’s it. Sooooo. I made a salad inspired by one I used to eat here:

(more France nostalgie, sorry). Anyway they did this salad which was jambon cru, walnuts and pieces of bread with mahusive chunks of St Nectaire cheese plonked on the top and melted. Yumyum. So I did the jambon cru and the toasted walnuts, and plonked my orange-looking Camembert on the top. Way to make leftovers taste ever so posh.

I posted this because if you weren’t simply using up leftovers, this would be even better with one of those non-breaded, dinky individual camemberts you can get. Make sure it’s baked so that it oozes everywhere. Serve with bread and a balsamic-vinegary/honey-and-mustardy dressing.

Now, this was plenty for me for tea, but as William is a hungry, gym-going lad, we also had soup leftovers to dunk the homemade bread in.

(The bread is in funny shapes as I took the opportunity to test out things for canape making at Christmas. That’s right, I’m making canapes. And desserts. Did I mention? Exciteedddddddd)



  1. Mappemonde!!! *sigh* I wish I could come to your place for a Christmassy get together. Miss you LOTS.

    • Haha oh my goodness that would be cool. I always get the impression that we “under-do” Xmas compared to les americanos, though. Also, yay for you being on my blog šŸ˜€

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