Posted by: Stephlechef | November 9, 2011

Chorizo and broccoli frittata

When I lived in France, I had kind of a bizarre living situation. I worked in a secondary school, and they had rooms to let for student teachers and the like… and me. In a primary school down the road. Yup. So I had a massive key to the front door of this primary school (which, for info, looked like this)

*cue little sob of nostalgia*

…and then a short walk through the foyer and 75 steps later (past the apartments of the headmistress and the nurse of the school I worked in), I reached a landing with rooms coming off it. Rooms with a fridge, a sink and a microwave each. And that was it. Oh, and a couple of rooms with toiletty-showery facilities. I think for visiting student teachers, who only stayed a couple of nights a week, it was probably fine. But for everyday living, it was pretty basic. Luckily, I found a hidden cupboard in the largest room which was big enough to walk into (as I am small), so I set up my own little kitchen with a single ceramic plug-in hob thing. The second problem was that there was only one power point in this “kitchen”, and if I plugged an extension lead into it, the power was literally divided, and couldn’t work anything. So I had the fridge in that one, and the hob was balanced on a chair in the doorway, plugged in in the bedroom part of the room. Anyway, long story short- I had to be rather creative with food, because firstly I only had a hob (which wasn’t strong enough to boil water), secondly France is not cheap, and thirdly I didn’t have a freezer. So, this frittata was one of my “one-pan” basics, because it avoids all of these problems 🙂

Chorizo and broccoli frittata

(No budget for this one, because it totally depends what you decide to use, but it’s not expensive. Unless you put like caviar in it. Duh.)

This recipe is more of a guide, just bung in whatever you’ve got//looks nice at the market 🙂 The basic ingredients are:

Eggs (1-2 per person, depending how hungry you are)

Meat (I used chorizo sausage, the kind that you slice yourself, because frying it gives out loads of lovely paprika oil- you could also use bacon, saucisson, pepperoni, salami…)

Veg (I like broccoli in mine, other good ones to add in are leeks, spring onions, peppers)

Cheese (I used cheapy emmental, cheddar is also good, just grate it whatever)

Potato (in France, I used those not-very-nice cheap tinned, ready-cooked potatoes, because they are so easy. Just slice any cooked potato)

Herbs and seasoning (chives is nice :))

First, fry the meat, veg and potatoes together in the pan. The meat, if it’s got something nice like paprika in, will add lots of lovely flavours if you fry it nice and slowly (I didn’t have much choice in that, haha). Let the veg soften/cook and the potatoes should crisp up a little around the edges.

Whisk the eggs with the cheese and seasoning in a jug, then pour over the mix of stuff in the pan. (Note- if you don’t have a grill, make sure the omelette isn’t too thick, because it will burn its bottom before the top cooks. If you do, plonk it under the grill when it’s about half-cooked, it’s nice) Move it around a little and cook gently until all the egg is cooked through.

Serve with salad and tomato, and it’s also nice with a little bit of chilli oil on the top. Voila! (And hardly any washing up)


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