Posted by: Stephlechef | November 4, 2011

Cherry cakewell (not a typo)

This is not a typo because it is a cake. But it is like a cherry bakewell. For my non-English lovers, this is what a cherry bakewell looks like It is a shortcrust pastry tart with jam, almond filling and icing inside. They are nice. Basically, I like a cherry bakewell. But I feel cheated by the horrendous amount of (usually dry) pastry and stingy amount of nice filling-and-jam bits on the inside of said pastry when you buy a cherry bakewell. So I created a cake which involves all the bits of a cherry bakewell without the pastry. Hence, cherry cakewell. It’s very nice, enjoy it.

Cherry cakewell

(Serves 6-8, total cost £1.20, per slice 20p)


It has 4 component parts/layers… a cake layer, then a layer of jam, then frangipane (, then more cake (these layers kind of morph together), then icing on the top. So I’ll put the ingredients separately for ease 🙂

Cake layer:

50g butter/margarine

50g caster sugar

50g self-raising flour

1 egg

splash of milk



50g granulated sugar

3 tbsp butter/margarine

1 egg

few drops almond essence (don’t be heavy handed with it, as it has a kind of alcoholic-y taste)

50g ground almonds


Then also:

Jam (any flavour but not with too big bits in it, unless you fancy blending)

Icing sugar & water

Glacé cherries


First, make the cake mix – just put all the ingredients together in the bowl and beat until smooth.

Then, in a separate bowl, make the frangipane – again just mix it all together.

Grease and line an 18cm sandwich tin.

Melt a big tablespoon of jam in the microwave so that its pourable but not burnt.

Spread half the cake mixture over the bottom of the tin (it’s pretty thin, I am experimenting with making deeper layers but it’s nice how it is).

Dollop the jam all over and spread as best you can (it doesn’t need to be perfect).

Put all the frangipane over the jam and spread evenly (you can see what I mean about it all kind of morphing)

Then spoon over the other half of the cake mix and smooth.

Bake at 180c for about 20 minutes until cooked and golden. Leave to cool jam side down (it’s better if you take it out of the tin fairly quickly, as it’s already pretty soft, but for an even squisher, less holdable cake, cool it in the tin.

Then, make up a fairly thick icing (one that won’t run straight off the cake but is spreadable) with water and put over the cake. Decorate with halved glacé cherries. Done!




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