Posted by: Stephlechef | October 30, 2011

Fudging up the fudge, v2.0

Many moons ago, I received some lovely marshmallow fluff from my yankee soulmate. And I tried to make the recipe for “fantasy” fudge (which comes on the back of the pack) with it. And I totally *ahem* fudged it up. I used too much evaporated milk, and wayy not enough chocolate. So it all went horribly wrong.  I blogged it here It’s funny, even I think so. But depressing too.So I kind of avoided it for the longest time, the fluff went past its best before date in March, and I fiiiiinally got around to making it this weekend. It uses SO MANY INGREDIENTS. It is definitely not something to make if you have a guilty complex about calories/sugar/fat. But it does, however, taste good. I should maybe have made half a batch, but as my fluff was off I went the whole hog and did the lot. I did have a moment of panic when I thought I’d burnt the chocolate with the hot sugary syrup, but I whisked it hard and it seems to have come together alright. 🙂 The recipe is all over the internet, and on the tub, so I won’t bother posting it, but for my English-y friends, if you can get hold of marshmallow fluff, which is popping up around the place lately, bear these facts in mind:

“1 can of evaporated milk” is not a big can. It is 150ml.

“12 squares of chocolate” is like 340g. I don’t know what on earth chocolate it is on about, but that’s how much it means.

Buy lots of sugar. 3 cups is a lot of sugar.

Don’t brush your teeth straight after eating it. You will brush them off.

And here’s a pic!



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