Posted by: Stephlechef | October 15, 2011


When I bought this lovely dish…

…I had to make something all mix-y uppy to show it off. A bit of a mix of cultures too, as it turned out, but my “mezze” platter really was very nice. Not many recipes to post here, as I have to admit a lot of it came from packets. But on that ever-so-hot weekend a couple of weeks ago (was it the hottest October weekend ever, or something?), this kind of food was perfect.

We had:

Falafel – from a packet, I think the brand is AlFez, it’s ever so easy, you mix in water and deep fry it in balls. Ever so good, too.

Houmous – home made! I used dried chickpeas as apparently it makes for a thicker, more houmous-y consistency. I didn’t use tahini, as it’s expensive and makes the houmous considerably less healthy, so I sprinkled sesame seeds on the top instead – blitz together cooked chickpeas or tinned ones, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and natural yoghurt (or tahini) and cumin and seasoning. Just taste it as you go along. And voila, lovely houmous.

Couscous – a lemon and coriander one from a packet. Normal couscous with seasoning would have been fine.

Harissa carrots – from this post here. Which were very nice, even if both Will and I have finally decided we really don’t like fresh coriander.

Flatbreads – I won’t post the recipe for this, as they ended up tasting much like naan breads, but any kind of fresh pitta or flatbread is lovely.

Sun-dried tomatoes (from a previous post), tomatoes, feta, olives and peppadew peppers.

And a lovely cold glass of white wine.


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