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Triple chocolate cheesecake

Edit: A big hello!! to all the people arriving at this post from Google, having watched Lorraine on one of her many repeats!!! 🙂 The reason you find yourself here, and not on a more usual BBC Food page, is because she (rather stupidly) kept referring to this recipe as a “triple chocolate cheesecake”, but (and I only found out when I borrowed her book from the library), the actual title is “chocolate digestive cheesecake”.

If you want the original recipe, it can be found here But be warned- it appears to be MASSIVE. I scaled it down to less than half, and mine made 7 (relatively small, but then it is very rich) portions. So please use mine instead, and enjoy your cheesecakey adventure 🙂

The original post:

This week’s addiction is Lorraine Pascale’s series Baking Made Easy, and her new one on BBC2, Home Cooking Made Easy. I like to think I’m a little more advanced than beginner, but I like the quickness of the show and (generally) lack of pretention, and you get quite a few good recipes out of it too. This one didn’t appeal to me at all, I thought it would be too sweet and rich (and it sort of is- make it small), but it was a request from the boy. The original recipe called for 800g of cream cheese, 400g chocolate etc. That is insane and would make one enormous cheesecake. I made mine, using 300g cheese (because that’s the size tub that was on offer) in individual food rings, and it made 4 small ones and 3 slightly bigger. Plenty, I’d say!!!

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (adapted from Lorraine Pascale)

(Serves 6-8, total price ÂŁ2.64, per portion 38p)

300g cream cheese

150g chocolate digestive biscuits

30g butter

2-3 tbsp icing sugar

40g plain chocolate

40g butter

120g milk chocolate

40g white chocolate, to decorate

First, crush the biscuits into crumbs. There are many ways to do this, use your imagination. If you have one of those meat basher things, it is a good way to relieve tension. If not, a rolling pin works too. But smash them in a plastic bag to avoid messy crumbys eeeverywhere.

Melt the butter and pour over the crushed biscuits. Mix it all around till all the biscuits are fairly buttery- it won’t be like a mix, but so they’re all wetted. Press down into the base of a springform or loose bottomed (I love that description) tin, or into individual food rings.

Leave to chill for a little while, half an hour is plenty.

To make the filling, melt the milk chocolate and mix in with the cheese and icing sugar until completely combined (it’s worth adding the cheese a little at a time or it’s pretty hard to mix, plus the coldness of the cheese makes the chocolate go solid quicker!). Pour over the chilled biscuit base and leave to set (a couple of hours).

Melt the butter and pour over the plain chocolate and stir to melt (you might need to bung it in the microwave for a tiny bit longer to melt the choc but ONLY ten seconds at a time or you risk horrible burny biscuit chocolate). Pour the chocolate mixture over the cheesecake and level.

Now, to decorate it, LP piped thin lines of white chocolate over while the ganache was still warm, then feathered it with a cocktail stick. I didn’t do this for two reasons- firstly, because it would have been very difficult to pipe while the cakes were still inside the food rings (official reason), and secondly, because I forgot (unofficial reason). So you could also pipe the white chocolate over later, or, for less faff, just grate some over (grate it slowly on the big grater holes and you get curls rather than chocolate sawdust).

Pop it out of the tin and serve… peasy!! (If you’ve made a big one that needs cutting into portions, I suggest you warm the knife up first to stop the top cracking- I would run it under the hot tap, but on Saturday Kitchen they held the blade over a gas hob! I can’t think that’s a wonderful idea… :/)



  1. […] tried many of the recipes from it yet, apart from the triple chocolate cheesecake, here (which is fabulously easy and has proven to be my most popular post so far, thanks Lorraine!) […]

  2. I dont understand your slam of Ms. Pascale with :(rather stupidly) kept referring to this recipe as a “triple chocolate cheesecake”. It is triple chocolate. There are chocolate digestive biscuits for the base/crust, chocolate in the cheesecake and topped with chocolate, so why stupid??? Anyway, I had no problem with the cheesecake recipe as presented on my new favorite cooking show. It didnt last long enough at my party to take pictures.

    • I think you misunderstood. I know it’s triple chocolate, but it’s stupid to refer to something one way in the show and call it a different title in the book, so that people searching for the recipe can’t find it. I love Lorraine Pascale’s show, and certainly wasn’t being horrible about her.

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