Posted by: Stephlechef | September 23, 2011

Minty mistakes

The new news this week is that I have been forbidden from confectioning any confectionery, because William thinks he is putting on weight, because I cook stuff, and he eats it. So  instead of cakes, I decided to make peppermint creams. I know, still not exactly following the rules but I didn’t hear any complaints!

So I made the peppermint creams according to this recipe here And I don’t recommend it, as it doesn’t work. It came out all runny and definitely not solid enough to roll out (although, I may have used slightly too much lemon juice, but still). I tried dolloping some on a tray to see if the fridge would solidify it, and no. It didn’t. So then I mixed in more icing sugar, and although still not roll-able, but use-able. Then I realised I didn’t really like the taste. Action stations! On an impromptu visit to town I decided to get some chocolate to dip them in, and then while talking about Christmas biscuits in the supermarket, remembered those ones you always get in foil, that are like minty-ness on a biscuit, all coated in chocolate. Eeeexcellent.

So. I rolled out the minty-ness to big-ish flat circles, laid them on top of freshly baked plain biscuits, and topped them with melted chocolate. And voila, a mistake becomes a success 🙂

Now, I had intended to do a big old post about  a mammoth load of tapas-making that I did when my parents came round for dinner. I made SO much food-

Chorizo and chickpea stew

Spanish omelette

Home-made bread

Patatas bravas

Turkey meatballs

Stuffed Peppadew peppers and olives

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed courgette

Chilli prawns

AND individual lemon tarts for pud.

And guess what? I forgot to take photos, except for the stuff that was ready before people arrived. But you can just imagine how nice it looked anyway.

In other news, my “things I want to cook” list has taken on epic proportions. So I am resolving to a) cook some of it and b) blog more about it. Watch this space.


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