Posted by: Stephlechef | September 8, 2011

Buying things… and making charlottes

So I have been buying baking things. This is because I am not working and spending too much time cooking. But hey, I might as well get them while I have time to use them right?

I bought some dessert/food rings, the kind you use to make food look pretentious, except I have only two of each size… hm. But they are cool and I made charlottes with raspberry and blackberry mousse in. They were supposed to look something like this, but mine looked like…

…which I guess isn’t bad for a first attempt, plus I was ill and didn’t actually eat mine. But they were fun to play with, and I even made those slightly-too-fat sponge fingers myself 🙂

Me and Will also made some Skittles vodka, which looks a little something like this…

I also bought a doughnut tin (it’s amaze) and some dinky mini loaf tins. They shall star in a later post.

I’m not doing recipes or anything for these, as they’re stolen straight from other things (the Skittles vodka recipe can be found aaaall over the place)… I am having a cooking marathon at the weekend if I’m well, though, and then I shall go bloggy mad 🙂


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