Posted by: Stephlechef | February 27, 2011

Rough puff!

Was having a ‘use up things in the fridge and cupboard’ day yesterday. Also apparently a bad camera day (well, worse than usual). I decided to try out making my own flaky pastry at the same time 🙂 By the way, this pizza was bigger than I expected and rather too much to eat.

Apologies for the awful picture, I assure you it was lovely. I shall just impart the pastry knowledge.

Rough puff pastry (serves one hungry person)


50g butter

70g plain flour

pinch salt

iced water

First off, put the butter in the freezer for a couple of hours before you start, it really helps. Also, it NEEDS to be real butter.

Sift the flour and the salt into a bowl.

Get the (hopefully very cold) butter and grate it (yep) into the flour, stirring occasionally because as it melts it starts to stick back together.

Stir it in with a knife, it doesn’t need to be blended or anything.

Put in spoonfuls of icy cold water and mix each time, until the pastry JUST comes together into a ball. Squidge it and put it in some foil in the fridge for 30 mins.

(While I was waiting for this I prepared my toppings… well, opened some cans). I had some spinach to use up because it accidentally froze to my icebox, so I chopped up a bit of that, then I had a bargain tin of salmon from Netto, a tin of tomatoes, tomato puree and some feta cheese (which it turns out I don’t really like- I bought some to make savoury muffins the other day… I think I’ll stick to cheddar, feta is just a bit too goaty)… anyway so all these things got plonked on the pastry pizza.

Take the pastry out of the fridge, roll (on a floured table) out to less than 1/2 cm thick, then fold it in half and roll it again, then repeat the folding and rolling thing a few times. This also makes you get a nice square 🙂

Top with whatever you want, cheese and tomato would be lovely, and some herbs. Then bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes until it’s all browned. Yumyum.

The pastry consistency is weird, it’s certainly not as flaky as a Greggs, but maybe as flaky as a pie from the supermarket. Anyway it will work for lots of things, appears to be a ton easier than puff pastry (and you don’t have to buy it in!) and if you don’t leave it thick, is pretty light and lovely.

For pud (and for which you will not get a picture) I made a cupboard crumble… a tin of pears and a going off apple, all sliced up in the bottom of the bowl. Then I made a toffee sauce- a spoonful of butter, one of sugar and one of syrup, melt them in a pan and add a couple of spoonfuls of double cream (which was also going off :)) stir together and pour over the fruit. The mistake I made here was forgetting that the fruit would have a load of water in it, and the toffee mixed with it and just ended up in a sugary water. This recipe needs revision. For the topping, a big spoonful of oats, one of flour, one of sugar and one of butter, and maybe a pinch of cinnamon. Rub it all together, making some clumps (well, I like my crumble clumpy). Lay the topping over the fruit and weird sauce, and cook in the oven until golden brown. It is really cheap to make because you’ll probably have all the stuff you need, and made 3-4 portions. A-woooo.

I might do some proper cooking at some point. Too busy. 🙂


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