Posted by: Stephlechef | February 16, 2011


Just a quick post in homage to this wonderful creation. Whoever thought something that smells so horrible could taste so good? If there’s one thing I learnt in France, it was to never sniff food before trying it. A life motto, I feel. Anyway, to beat the (admittedly good) supermarket offers for Valentine’s day meals, we had a reduced Camembert, some beastly big pieces of fish, and a creme brulée (and a bottle of wine and chocs left over from xmas pressies). Have that, supermarchés.

Make slits in the top, shove bits of garlic in (and fresh herbs if you have them) and bake (in the wooden lid if you get a Rustique one) for about 10-15 minutes. Get French bread. And…


Unfortunately, fish requires a certain skill at presentation which Will has not yet acquired. Some of it ended up on the hob. But nevertheless- Tuscan bean broth with VERY NICE cod. Recipe se trouve here

And I ate the creme brulée too quick to take a photo. So…

Cheers, Thorntons.

A very exciting post about cereal making coming soon 🙂


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