Posted by: Stephlechef | February 11, 2011

Fudging up the fudge

Edit, 9 months or so later: I have now successfully made a batch of this. So to blow my own trumpet, here it is

I am dejected. I decided yesterday to buy all the ingredients (at Co-op, no less) to make the fudge recipe on the back of my marshmallow fluff pot (as seen a few posts ago). So…

I gathered all the ingredients together. And my measuring cups.

I measured out the stuff, I followed the instructions.

3 cups of sugar, 1 can (OH NO I HAVE JUST REALISED WHAT I DID WRONG. It says one can evaporated milk. I used one can of evaporated milk. But on the list it says “5oz” in little tiny writing just next to it. We don’t have ounces. But I am thinking 5 of them is a lot less than the can I used… oh poo.) HUF anyway, and 3/4 cup butter. In a pan. Bubble bubble. This is where problem one came about. My hob is a gas one, and unlike the heating, the hob can be a little over keen. So the mixture kept boiling over. But nevertheless, I kept boiling. I don’t have a sugar thermometer. I just did it for twice as long as it said (which was 4minutes). Nothing much seemed to happen. I assumed it was fine.

Then it says to mix in the chocolate and the marshmallow. I dutifully did. Then the vanilla and the walnuts. Okey dokey. Tralala, well this is easy. “Pour into pan [they mean tin]. Cool”. Cool, says you? FRIDGE! says I! And off my fudge goes into the fridge.

I go out for a drink or four with Mel. I come back, a few Ron Weasleys worse off. Nothing has changed with my fudge except it has a slight skin on the top. Hm. Tastes fab. But runny as… honey.

Internet tells me “Stephanie, you should NEVER put fudge in the fridge”. Oh fudge, says I. And I take it out. And leave it overnight. This’ll do it.

This morning: no no, still running everywhere, sticky as anything.

Right. Come back from town with a plan. Check online, everyone has a different idea on how to deal with it. I think I’ll melt it back down and boil it a bit longer, maybe add some more stuff to hopefully harden it up (this is before I had my milk revelation). Bubble bubble in the pan. OH NO. Sniff sniff. Burnt sugar. Poured it out quick as the burn was only on the bottom. But my fudge was already tainted with that horrible burny sugar taste. Never mind, now I might as well just salvage what I can. Put it in the sink of cold water to cool while stirring. Sort of helped. But tasted rank.

I KNOW! I’ll whip up a caramel which will help it to harden and sweeten it back up, hopefully disguising horrible burny taste.

Make a caramel, easy peasy. SOFT CRACK (lovely expression). Mix it into my (now cool) fudge. Oh no! I said “now cool” didn’t I? And what does caramel do when it goes into something cold? It CRACKS. Yes. Oh no oh no, stir it really quick and maybe it’ll break up. It did. Sort of. And I think it had created a sort of sugary web for the fudge to lean on. Pour into pan. Come and get out fudging frustration on blog.

Will go back downstairs and see if anything has happened. *big breath in*…………………

…………….. well. I can safely say it is exactly the same texture as it was before I started messing with it an hour ago, and now it has the added bonus of tasting horrible. And my house smells like Willy Wonka has turned into a pyromaniac.

The ONLY good thing in this whole story (well, two things) is that I have male housemates who are like sugar gremlins and will probably be quite content armed with a spoon and the tray of goo. Especially if I make biscuits to dunk in a millionaire’s shortbread kind of way. If they don’t like it, I might cry. The second thing is- thank goodness Meghan sent me two pots. So even though I have wasted carbon footprintness, effort and money, I can do it all again when I can bring myself to. Phew.

Well that’s the end of that rigmarole. Live and learn, right? Over and out.

Actually, not quite. The one little light in my day was seeing a maybe 3/4 year-old (I guess) girl on the train with her mum having a picnic. (Bear in mind I was eating a Burger King kid’s meal). They had (to share) a sushi snack pack, one of those little single pieces of cheddar cheese, a fruit “fingers” box and, as a special treat, ONE Love Heart each. Now, I don’t know if I approve of healthy eating quite to that extent, unless she’s got some sort of sugar allergy. But it was pretty lovely seeing a kid keen to eat rice (minus the seaweed) and cheese and mango, and she didn’t even look like she was jealous of my chips. Gutted.



  1. In addition, Joel has just informed me that the “butter” I thought I bought, is not. Damn Co-op putting it on the same shelf.

  2. […] evaporated milk, and wayy not enough chocolate. So it all went horribly wrong.  I blogged it here It’s funny, even I think so. So I kind of avoided it for the longest time, the fluff went […]

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