Posted by: Stephlechef | February 7, 2011


This is a food blog. And although this doesn’t involve anything I actually cooked, it is nevertheless yummy.

Look what I got!!

(Rambo is there as a hilarious joke relating to my use of “Crimbo” [Christmas+Rambo] during the festive period. Then it rained, my roof leaked and blurred him 😦 )

So yeah! I got tonnnns of Reese’s things (the Reese’s pieces, never before tried, are amaze!) cups for measuring (because they aren’t exactly common on this side of the Atlantic), a Christmas CD (to learn what the Yanks listen to :)) and mad-looking pots of marshmallow fluff which will be used to make fudge ASAP! Oh oh and Poptarts which we can’t buy in England. Apparently something to do with safety and people burning their hands on the hot brown sugar inside. I mocked this, then burnt my hand. OW. Oh! And something else I’ve just remembered is not in the picture, a cutesy little poptart case which looks every bit like a (plastic) poptart 🙂

Oh Meghan, you are a ledge and this blog is a little bloogy dedication to say thankyou 😀



  1. Love it!!!! I was just hoping to make the pages with a mention if/when you made fudge or if/when you used the measuring cups!! Woot woot!!! Whole post shout-out!! I can take it!! I thought Rambo got rained on in transit, but I’m glad to hear you got to see him unscathed. 🙂

    • Haha yeah I was really sad, my roof just randomly drips sometimes and I managed to put the whole box of stuff under a drippy patch 😦 But the sweeties are allll fine 😀 Course you got a whole shout out, it’s all exciting weird food that I want to take pics of. I might make fudge today, I have a day off 🙂

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