Posted by: Stephlechef | February 7, 2011

A wee bit Scottish


Half of them have been eaten. Because I have housemates. But nevermind. They are delicious. Inspired to make these by a mental scottish guy on Come Dine With Me. But I used a different recipe.


165g flour

10g cornflour

100g butter

50g caster sugar (and some extra)

SO easy. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until pale and properly mixed in (takes a few mins with a spoon)

Mix in the flour and the cornflour, and it should make a really stiff dough.

Roll it out into a sausage about 2 inches across and as long as… well, as long as it is. Make it nice and even and roundy, or not if you like your biccies rustic.

Sprinkle some caster sugar onto a plate and roll the sausage in it until nicely dusted.

Cut with a sharp knife into circles about 1cm thick (apologies for the mixing of metric and imperial there :))

Lay on a baking tray covered in greasproof paper.

Cook in a preheated oven at Gas Mark 3/4 for 25 minutes.

The key to these, I have discovered, is to trust that they’re done even though they won’t be golden brown. They will still be ever so slightly soft when you take them out of the oven but they harden up as they cool. Don’t be tempted to brown them, just a bit darker than raw is fine!

Leave them to cool on the tray for a few minutes, then on a cooling rack (or, if you don’t have a cooling rack because you left it at home, upside-down on a plate), sprinkle with sugar and devour. Yum.



  1. Have I ever told you you’re a genius? I can believe you can just whip up crap like that. Also, what’s caster sugar? And corn flour? I wonder if that’s what we make corn bread out of…Hm. Also, I’ll need to be investing in a kitchen scale sometime.

    • Yes, yes, I am a genius 🙂 Hahaha. Nah it’s easy innit.

      Caster sugar is like granulated sugar but smaller. But less small than icing sugar. Ha, what different types of sugar do you have? In white sugars we have one which is totally powder, (sucre glacé in French) then caster sugar which is grainy but small (sucre en poudre) and then granulated which is much bigger grains and is used in like teas. THEN a whole load of brown sugar types in similar vein. Does that seem to correspond? 🙂 I think I gave you a shortbread recipe in your book. I would say if the one I wrote isn’t this one, just change it 😀

      AHA I found out the thing about cornflour. It does come from the same stuff that you make cornbread out of (which is cornmeal, right?) but it’s finer ground so that it looks like a flour, and apparently you call the one you need in this recipe “cornstarch”. It’s often used as a thickening agent, have you never played with it? Put a bit in a cup and put a bit of water in, stir it up, and then it’s hard… at the same time as being reeeeally runny!!!!

  2. What plate is that?

    Nice shortbread, by the way. Very nice.

    • Why thankyou 🙂

      And the plate is my 100 Montaditos plate. I keep it in a special place.

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