Posted by: Stephlechef | September 17, 2010

A frosty sort of failure

Made “cupcakes” today, from my new book of 200 cupcakes (thanks to the neighbours who gives us book vouchers in return for vegetables from daddy’s allotment). The icing wasn’t thick enough for the cakes which were too tall for the cases, and as I sprinkled the carefully crafted chocolate curls on, a sort-of avalanche started to happen. But never mind, we’ll pretend it’s part of their charm, or something. I won’t show you what the original picture in the book looks like, you’ll never know.

White chocolate cupcakes (adapted from “200 cupcakes”)

150g margarine

150g caster suagr

175 self-raising flour

3 eggs

1tsp vanilla essence

200g white chocolate

2 tbsp milk

80g icing sugar (although I’d probably use more next time if I have cakes with humps)

Extra icing sugar to dust

Mix the flour, sugar, margarine and eggs in a bowl with an electric mixer until it’s all mixed in and there’s air bubbles in it. But not too long cause you will murder the air bubbles.

Put the mixture into muffin cases (I made 12 big-ish muffins)

Cook at 180 degrees for 25 minutes or so (dependent on the ferocity of your oven) until they’re golden brown.

While they’re cooking, make the chocolate curls (using 100g of the white chocolate). Warm the chocolate (already broken into squares) a tiny bit (like 10 seconds) in the microwave, unless you’re in a particularly warm room…

Use a veg peeler to scrape chocolate curls off the side of the square of chocolate onto a plate. It takes a while to get the knack of making it thick enough, and curly enough, and not make it break, but that’s cool, just mix the failed ones in and no-one will know. Leave them in the fridge to keep cool.

Take the cakes out and leave them to cool for a little bit.

Then make the icing- break up the rest of the (NON PEELED!) chocolate in a bowl, and pour the milk over. Melt it in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds. Then mix in the icing sugar. Now, either do as I did, spread the warm icing over the warm cakes now and watch the drips, or add more icing sugar, or give the icing a minute or so to cool down a bit. Then spread the frosting over the cakes and sprinkle the curls on top.

Then (using a tea strainer if SOMEONE hasn’t just thrown it away, or a sieve, or in my inspired little world a rind grater), sprinkle more icing sugar over the top, which makes it look as if it’s just snowed. Ahh.



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