Posted by: Stephlechef | September 12, 2010

KFC cravings

I get KFC cravings a lot, but I live a 20-minute walk away and am too poor and fat fearful to be buying that kind of thing anyway. SO I made my own version. And while CERTAIN people think it looks horrible, I can assure you that it was not burnt and actually tasted very nice. I coated the chicken in a spice packet mix I had for chicken quesadillas, but I’m sure you can use most premade spice mixes and/or risk making your own. They’re mainly a mix of cumin, coriander, paprika, garlic, a little chilli, salt and pepper and sometimes tomato powder (which is what I think burnt on mine)

Anyway, dip a piece of (boned) chicken (I don’t know what bit it was, Will massacred it off a carcass) into a beaten egg and then a mix of flour, breadcrumbs and the spices. Then fry it off until it’s all golden brown (but not burned, haha), then plonk it in the oven to cook.

While that’s cooking, part-cook a big potato cut into wedges then bung that on the tray as well with some salt and pepper and oil on.

I think I’d normally have coleslaw with this but as I don’t routinely buy cabbage (who does?) I made this yummy salad instead, which did the trick (that I found on someone else’s blog referring to someone else’s blog…)

Chickpeas, coleslaw-style.

Essentially, it’s a tin of cooked chickpeas and raw grated carrot with dressing on. The dressing I made with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of creme fraiche (or natural yog you could use I guess), then a squeeze of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cumin and coriander (more cumin because I don’t really like coriander), salt and pepper and hey presto, mix it all in, yumyum.

Then I served all the stuff with a corn on the cob. Which was far too big for the plate. Sorry.

Ooh forgot to write the budget: assuming you’d eat about half a tin of chickpeas (you wouldn’t) and sweetcorn is on offer (if it isn’t, buy it in a tin), I reckon the meal costs about £2 (dependent on your creme fraiche/mayo/spices situation- spices don’t get budgetted for)


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