Posted by: Stephlechef | September 12, 2010

Cinnamon buns!

We seemed to have an accidental cook-off in the kitchen yesterday. In that me and Joel were cooking at the same time. He made scones, I made cinnamon buns, we ended up with a veritable English afternoon tea (albeit with a slight yank influence). But this is another sitch where they got their foodstuff choices right. I don’t know if it’s normal to put cream cheese icing on cinnamon, but I did. And it’s good.

(The sad-looking little ones are the bits off the end of the roll which got cooked anyway. They’re not the real thing.)

Also (I felt I had to put this before as it’s so amaze) they only cost 20-25p each, eep! (obviously if you choose the right basics stuff :))

So, you need… (to make 8- they don’t last long)

For the buns:

250g white bread flour MIX (one of those packs where the yeast and stuff is already mixed in and normally you’d just add an egg or whatever)

50g butter

15g caster sugar

100ml milk

1 egg

For the filling:

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

25g ground almonds

50g butter

50g soft light brown sugar

For the topping:

About 50g cream cheese (MUST be full fat, I’m sorry my tummy,  but the icing won’t work otherwise. This is a fact.)

50-100g icing sugar (I’m not really sure)

Mix all the bread ingredients together in a big bowl, and knead it for about 5 minutes. It should be kind of elasticky, which means if you try and pull a bit off it resists like if you tried to pull a hairband off someone’s wrist. 🙂 Leave that for a min.

In a different bowl, mix all the filling ingredients together (I had to add a teeny splash of milk ’cause I couldn’t get it all mixed)

Then roll (or push with your hand or a glass if you don’t have a rolling pin) out the bread dough onto a normal sized baking tray (or just on the table but my way avoids putting food on my rank table… anyway, about a4 sized), then spread (sounds easier than it is) the filling ingredients all over it.

Roll from the widest edge like a swiss roll thing until you’ve got a sausage.

Plonk the sausage in the fridge with some foil around it. (Or if you’re a genius, you would have thought this through and avoided a baking tray/table dilemma by rolling the dough out ON the piece of foil. Learn from my mistakes, kids.)

Leave it in the fridge for a bit. I don’t know how long. 20 minutes?

Get it back out and cut it into circles then lay them cut side up/down (like so it’s laying down) on a baking tray.

THEN, the recipe I read said to leave them at room temperature to rise/prove/whatever… but I did and nothing happened. I also put them in a warm place and equally little happened. So it’s up to you if you follow this instruction.

Then bung them in the oven (hot, like 220 degrees (owch)) for about 20 mins till they’re cooked and brown (and the filling comes oozing out and goes all caramelised mmmmm).

Then while they cool for a sec make the icing- mix a dollop of cream cheese and a few spoonfuls of icing sugar together until you have a thick but spreadable paste. It doesn’t really matter if it’s runny ’cause let’s face it, you’re plonking it on hot buns. If you have any vanilla ‘flavouring’ (or something more posh) put a drop of that in too. Then smear it over the buns and feed them to your housemates.

(Joel wanted me to post the picture he took of the bun on the doormat (on a plate), where it was at risk of getting eaten by the one-eared cat that frequents our ‘yard’… No.)



  1. WHAT camera are you using???? Your pictures are GORGEOUS

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