Posted by: Stephlechef | September 12, 2010

A few from the archives

Just ’cause I have these pics sitting on my computer.

First- a cake for my bro’s 16th birthday. Yeah, I said bro. I just wanted to make this cake, and I don’t have a sister. Sorry, Jon.

This one was made from a square cake, and I can’t entirely remember what I used for the “garden” bit in front, but I suppose just a thinner square cake. Then white glace icing over the front, pink buttercream on the roof. To make the turrets coat ice cream cones in white icing, and stud some sweets around. Then cut up wafers for battlements. So purdy 🙂 Oh oh and those cones at the back wouldn’t stick on, so there’s sponge fingers underneath. Even more goodness.

Then this one for his 17th. Slightly more manly. I didn’t make him an 18th one ’cause his friends got there first.

Make a chocolate cake in a loaf tin, then slice the top off. Coat it all in chocolate frosting (I used the one out of the tub because it’s just too nice), then use sweets to decorate it all 🙂 (Chocolate coins would be the obvious choice, but Jon’s nut allergy kind of makes choosing sweets tricky) You need to use some of the sweets to prop up the chest lid. Also the sugary sweets kind of go gooey in the cake if you leave them a long time, and the foamy ones go soggy. But they all taste good, just eat it quick 🙂

And some truffles I made for Christmas for the familio a few years ago 🙂

Made with:

250g plain chocolate

180ml double cream

2 tbsp butter

(and you can bung in alcohol if you want)

Just melt it all together and put it in a bowl in the fridge until it’s hard. Then spoon it out and roll it into balls, then roll them in toppings (I used cocoa powder, icing sugar, grated white chocolate and you can also use sprinkley/hundreds and thousandsy things)… or if you want them with a hard shell, put the uncoated balls in the fridge again and then when they’re cold pour melted chocolate over the top. Then decorate them with the other colour choc. Yumyum 🙂

I can’t really remember how much this makes, but I reckon about 4 people’s presents worth per batch, and a batch costs £2 plus toppings 🙂 Bargain? Oh yes. Also if you are 10 (or 18) years old and don’t want to splash out on boxes, use those takeaway-style storage tubs and decorate the top. Your family might actually love you forever.



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA his 16th birthday cake was legendary. I’m so happy you started this!!!! I can continue to learn to cook from you all the way from the other side of the world (or like a quarter way around it, I guess) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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